Nepuga 15 anos

Who are we

We are the Brazilian leading aesthetic training providers in all kinds of procedures such as fillers, botox and ozone, established to offer high quality courses for Biomedics, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Dentists and Physicians.

Over the years we have been providing the qualification of healthcare professionals in different regions of the country and developing the aesthetic practice in general. 


We are the Brazilian post graduation institution with the higher number of graduated professionals on the minimally invasive aesthetics. Our numbers go over 40 thousand students qualificated all over the country.

Direção e Coordenação da Ana Carolina Puga

Our founder, Doctor Ana Carolina Puga is recognized as the precursor, creator and mother of the Aesthetic Biomedicin in Brazil. When acknowledging the progress of the aesthetic practice around the globe and the healthcare professionals insertion in this context, she quickly detected the relation between the Biomedical Sciences and the aesthetic procedures performed by those practitioners.


After a long and challenging journey in 2010 NEPUGA was born able to establish itself and expand nationally and internationally as the first and biggest Aesthetic, Health and Welfare School.

Our Mission

We exist to provide the highest standards of education and promote the safest clinical methods for health professionals on behalf of their achievement of success in life and work.


An exclusive method developed and patented by Doctor Ana Carolina Puga, tested and approved by thousands of specialists from different countries who obtained  highly satisfactory results in their patients. The Pugacode™ method is the safest, more economic technic and the most used by brazilian aesthetic professionals.

In order to find the best way for the students to practice the Botox application, Dr Ana Carolina Puga developed the Nepuguetty™. A doll head with the expressions lines, eyes area, mouth and nose, as close as a real human face as possible, so the docent can get more secure about the specific spots for the application.

We use live models as patients in all of our practice training days to give the student maximum experience when learning new techniques.

Our Educators

We have a vastly qualified, skilled and experienced team of educators, passionate about teaching, who use a combination of theory and practical training including demonstration, observation and supervision to provide the know-how and understanding of the treatments, as the skills and confidence to perform the aesthetics procedures safely.

Explore the Extension courses offered


The Botox extension course will prepare you with all the knowledge you need around what is important to see about the botulinum toxin. You will also learn all the methodology and strategies for each case, promoting facial rejuvenescence and the exclusive technique PugaCode™ developed and patented by Doctor Ana Carolina Puga. - Duration 3 days.

Ozone Therapy

In just 2 days you will go through a full cycle of theory and practice on this method that has been used and studied for decades. You will have a practical training with the development of work on ozone therapy equipment and procedures. How to mix the Ozone with Water, oil or how to inject it vaporized as an alternative therapy to improve the body’s intake and use of oxygen, activate the immune system, to treat diseases, conditions and pain.

Facial Harmonization

The Facial Harmonization course will prepare the professional to evaluate the patient’s face to applicate combined techniques based on the actual beauty patterns, creating a good sense of facial aesthetics combined with the perfect functionality.

Neural Therapy

The Neural Therapy course will prepare you with all the expertise you need around how to evaluate the patient, prepare the substances and strategies for each case promoting an improvement of the quality of life and health without any risks for your patients

If you are ready to start your journey with Nepuga please contact us

In Nepuga we will help you to find your path pursuing the dream you have for your aesthetic career success. We are all set to help you and guide you every step of the way.

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480 horas
Pós Saúde Estética

Formação de Especialista para Biomédicos, Enfermeiros e Farmacêuticos

120 horas
Curso Harmonização Facial Pugacode®

Prático e Online, do Básico ao Avançado + 3 dias de Ambulatório Clínico

> 150 horas
Curso de Ozonioterapia

Prático e Online para habilitação profissional para Biomédicos, Dentistas, Enfermeiros, Farmacêuticos, Fisioterapeutas e Veterinários

30 horas
Curso de Terapia Neural Online

Prática injetável de aplicação com anestésicos locais para diversos transtornos e disfunções

Nepuga+ Assinatura

Lançamento da plataforma de assinatura dos cursos nossos online

216 horas
Extensão Saúde Estética

Para estudantes da saúde de 7º e 8º semestre antecipar a pós-graduação

120 horas
Curso Harmonização Facial
Prático Presencial

Prático e Online, do Básico ao Avançado + 3 dias de Ambulatório Clínico

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